My Life in New Zealand

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Jack’s Point Styling+Design


I was so excited when I saw these sneak preview photos from a gorgeous wedding Simply Perfect Weddings styled and coordinated a few weekends ago! The bride’s vision of a ‘rustic glam’ wedding worked perfectly at Jack’s Point in Queenstown.

I had the pleasure of assisting Sarah on the wedding day. From setting out decor items to watching the last dance, this wedding was a fun one! A special thanks to Rich Bailey for these images. 





Sam+Tucker’s Elopement


Helicopter Elopements are VERY popular in Queenstown. There are many helicopter operators, as well as wedding planners, that help couples from all around the globe plan these small intimate events. This elopement was Simply Perfect’s first official same sex wedding. Sam and Tucker jumped the pond from Australia to Queenstown so they could tie the knot on top of one of Queenstown’s majestic mountains!





An August Wedding


This August I had the pleasure of helping Simply Perfect weddings at Millbrook Resort in Queenstown. It was just the kind of winter day any couple would hope for! A special thanks to Miles Holden Photography for the photos of the day. 







The Chapel by the Lake


I have been SO lucky to have the opportunity to work with a local wedding planner in New Zealand. I love spending Saturdays helping execute lovely weddings in Queenstown.

This weekend Emma and I did a lovely little 10 person wedding at The Chapel by the Lake, located on Stoneridge Estate.  Built from giant reclaimed church beams, stone & slate, the Chapel’s authentic character harmonises perfectly with the alpine grandeur and breathtaking scenery which surrounds it. The space is so sweet and tiny…perfect for a 10 person wedding where each guest had a part in the ceremony.


A Heli-Wedding



Yesterday was a public holiday in New Zealand: the first Monday of each June is a day to celebrate The Queen’s Birthday.  When Sarah from Simply Weddings reached out to me letting me know there was a possibility she would need my help with a wedding on Monday I was all ears! I LOVE working with her.

Due to a rain storm on Sunday the lovely Australian couple, James + Bex, had to reschedule their heli-elopment to Monday… the storm was my gain! Sarah called me late Sunday informing me that I was on to work. She had 2 weddings in one day and allowed me to work the snow landing elopement.


Along with the photographer, videographer, justice of the peace I headed up to the top of the snow covered mountain to organize and orchestrate a simple wedding ceremony with the bride, groom, and the grooms mom, dad and sister. It was a very sweet and short ceremony complete with personalized vows and a champagne toast!


A Simply Perfect Wedding


Before I moved to New Zealand I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia and worked as a wedding planner! I loved working hand in hand with the brides, getting to know all of the local vendors, and spending my time creating and planning to make someones day extra special. One of the FIRST things I did before I left home was contact local Queenstown wedding planners to see if there was any way I could experience a New Zealand wedding. Sarah, from Simply Perfect Weddings reached out to me and we ended up meeting over coffee my first week in town… for over 2 hours! Let’s just say when you love weddings… you could talk about them all day every day. Sarah is an amazing wedding planner, who knows Queenstown like the back of her hand. I feel so lucky to have stumbled into her path. I have had the opportunity to work 2 local weddings so far, and I can’t wait for more. I might even get to help with a heli-elopment this Monday…fingers crossed!


Now I may be half way around the world from Charlottesville, Virginia but so far there don’t appear to be too many differences on the wedding day. A few things I have learned:

1. Kiwis and Australians sign their wedding license DURING the ceremony, not at the wedding my book this is a good idea considering you aren’t technically married the day before!

2. They tie ribbons on the car to celebrate the day. What a festive little addition! Again, another tradition I love and will now have to do one day, even if I get married in the states.

A short list at the moment, but will update as my experience grows!